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  1. Flash Drive Web Browser Stress Test

    2010-02-05 | tags: tech

    Recently I had some unvoluntary fun concerning one of my flash drives. After that I decided to encrypt a part of my Portable Apps Suite that I keep on it, mainly the web browser, Pidgin, PuTTy and WinSCP, the sensitive stuff.

    Playing with TrueCrypt I observed that it is able …

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  2. Linux, Alsa, Skype and audio capture

    Although I'm not a regular Skype user, I still employ it from time to time to do my share of VoIP. But it happens quite often that I don't get any audio from my microphone, although incoming sound works just fine and all the alsamixer switches and gains are set …

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  3. Enable mp3 ringtones on Motorola W490/W510

    Just in case you have one of those pesky Motorola W490 or W510 mobile phones that can't use an mp3 file as a ringtone because your network provider doesn't want to let you do that, well, you can. And you won't have to reflash your phone just to do that …

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  4. ASUS WL-AM604G NARS-enabled firmware

    If you have an ASUS WL-AM604G (A hardware variant) ADSL Wireless router, than you are probably accustomed to rebooting it everytime your connection fails and your ISP returns an invalid username/password error. Fortunately, the sources for this router's Linux-based firmware are available, and a group of russian modders have …

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