ASUS WL-AM604G NARS-enabled firmware

If you have an ASUS WL-AM604G (A hardware variant) ADSL Wireless router, than you are probably accustomed to rebooting it everytime your connection fails and your ISP returns an invalid username/password error. Fortunately, the sources for this router's Linux-based firmware are available, and a group of russian modders have made some serious modifications to a similar type of router produced by ASUS - the AM604, including a fix for this reconnect problem. They called it the NARS reconnect patch and, since the two devices are extremely similar, getting it to work on the WL-AM604G posed no problems at all. This modified firmware had been running for more than a month on my router without any problems whatsoever, so I decided to make it available to anyone who wishes to use it. I have yet to clean up and release the modified source files, but I will do so upon request.

WARNING: The firmware update process isn't risk free. Although this firmware had been verified and it is known to work on my router, it is made available without any warranty. You are solely responsible to using it and any problems that might arise from that. Also, this firmware is ONLY compatilble with the A hardware variant.

If you haven't been frightened by the warning above, download the file linked below and open your router's administration panel. Go to the firmware update page and click the Choose button, then select the file you previously downloaded. The firmware update takes a couple of minutes, and there won't be any visible modifications or improvements to the way the administration panel looks and works. *It is advisable that the firmware update operation is carried out through an ethernet cable, since the wireless connection is less reliable.* **Bad flash recovery If you are certain that your router has ceased to function, follow these steps to recover it: **

  1. Go to the ASUS support page and download an official firmware.
  2. Turn off the router.
  3. Push the reset button on the router with a thin object and hold it pressed wile you power on the router.
  4. The Power LED should start to blink slowly. If it doesn't, resume from step 2.
  5. Connect the computer to the router through an ethernet cable, and give it a 192.168.1.x IP, with 2<x<255, netmask
  6. Open a Command Prompt/CMD/terminal and change directory to where you downloaded the firmware. Run tftp -m binary -c put nume_firmware.trx. There is no progress indication, so wait a couple of minutes for the operation to complete.
  7. Stop and re-start the router, everything should be ok. If it doesn't, resume from step 2.
SHA1: 67f27458b97f711abcda928e15f7f385451435cf
MD5: 534f60677a5efe02817d2cb937d77a56
CRC32: 686797e6