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  1. South-East Romania AM Scan (WIP)

    2019-02-10 | Last modified: 2019-03-08 23:00:00+02:00 | tags: radio am
    Name Frequency Transmitter
    Radio Antena Satelor 153 KHz Bod, Brașov, România
    Radio Antena Satelor 531 KHz SNR Urziceni, România
    Kossuth Rádió 540 KHz Solt, Bács-Kiskun, Hungary
    Radio Ukrainske 1 549 KHz Mykolaiv Luch, Ukrayina
    Radio România Actualități 558 KHz Târgu Jiu, România
    Radio România Actualități 567 KHz Brașov, România
    BNR …
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  2. 2018-06-07 New FM Frequencies allocation

    Name Frequency Location
    Radio Jurnal Spiritual 87.8 MHz România/Bacău/Onești
    Radio Maria 87.8 MHz România/Neamț/Roman
    Buzz FM 87.9 MHz România/Buzău/Buzău
    Radio Transilvania 88.0 MHz România/Bihor/Beiuș
    Stil FM 88.2 MHz România/Călărași/Oltenița
    Bucovina FM 88.8 MHz România …
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  3. Oltenița FM Radio Scan

    Last update: 2018-07-30

    Name Frequency Transmitter RDS
    PI PTY
    BNR Shumen 87.6 MHz Venets Bulgaria 8236 3
    Buzz FM 87.9 MHz Istrița România    
    Radio Impuls 88.0 MHz București România E0D6 23
    Stil FM 88.2 MHz Oltenița România E437  
    BNR Stara Zagora 88.3 MHz Stara Zagora …
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  4. Bucharest FM Radio Scan

    Last update: 2020-04-23

    Name Frequency Transmitter RDS
    PI PTY
    Radio Shumen 87.6 MHz Veneț Bulgaria 8236 3
    Radio Impuls 88.0 MHz Casa Presei Libere E0D6 23
    Radio Trinitas 88.5 MHz Pullman Bucharest WTC E24D  
    Radio ZU 89.0 MHz APACA E2AA  
    Dance FM 89.5 MHz Pache …
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  5. Squashfs Tools 4.0 Windows Binaries

    DomoticX has built a set of varying versions of squashfs versions, including 4.3 + lzma. You can find them on the DomoticX website, lower down on the that page.

    My original post:

    In case you didn't know already (unless you're a multiplatform code warrior, you probably didn't), the Squashfs tools …

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  6. Got id3 tags in your flac?

    2012-05-28 | tags: tech

    Id3 tags are busting your flac party (especially with acxi/oggenc choking with ERROR: Input file [...] is not a supported format)? Just grab yourself a copy of id3v2 and run it like

    id3v2 -D ./*.flac

    If you're rocking the party with Arch Linux, you can find both id3v2 and acxi …

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  7. Three Gimp Gripes

    Gimp 2.8 Splash Screen

    Gimp 2.8 has been out for a couple of days and I had the chance to use it a little bit. Everybody in the scene seems to be awestruck by the single window mode and I approve, it is sweet. But there are a couple of new features that …

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