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  1. Got id3 tags in your flac?

    2012-05-28 | tags: tech

    Id3 tags are busting your flac party (especially with acxi/oggenc choking with ERROR: Input file [...] is not a supported format)? Just grab yourself a copy of id3v2 and run it like

    id3v2 -D ./*.flac

    If you're rocking the party with Arch Linux, you can find both id3v2 and acxi …

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  2. Three Gimp Gripes

    Gimp 2.8 Splash Screen

    Gimp 2.8 has been out for a couple of days and I had the chance to use it a little bit. Everybody in the scene seems to be awestruck by the single window mode and I approve, it is sweet. But there are a couple of new features that …

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  3. Opera - Access to this port is disabled

    You're happily browsing the interwebs in Opera, and you suddenly get a big red error: Access to this port is disabled for security reasons., just like in the image below. Who you gonna call? Read on...


    We just need to pop Opera's hood open and do a little tuning. So …

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