Blue Heaven - a quick review

Yesterday LO 192 was released and in it Dan & Fab pimped a recently released audiobook, "Blue Heaven", written and read by lostnbronx. Since I'm a sucker for audiobooks I grabbed it right away, and since I found it most excellent I thought I'd blabber a bit about it right here.

From a dramatic point of view, it really is, well, dramatic. I'll try to keep this spoiler-free, so I'm just going to say that the psychology of the (main?!) character is deeply connected to the action, and the two swap in and out of focus, in a very neatly orchestrated manner. Since I mentioned the action, it takes place in Skyhigh, a space colony/space station city inhabited by Earth's outcasts. Although this place does share a few characteristics with the typical sci-fi counterpart, the resemblance stops there.

I won't go into detail about the action because I want you to discover it yourselves, so I'm gonna cheat and skip to the end. While I anticipated the finale, the action that leads to it surpassed any of my expectations. It suffices to say that there is a climax there, and it will surprise you.

On the technical side, somewhere in the ogg file's tags it says: "[...] these four pieces, rather ineptly cut together by lostnbronx [...]." It's anything but ineptly, lostnbronx did an amazing job with the audio backgrounds, and it's obvious all-around that this was a work of passion. There is a bit of unevenness in the audio levels or tonality near the beginning, maybe a switch of recording equipment, but other than that I think that overall the recording easily rivals Audible productions.

The reading/acting is very well carried out, and IMHO lostnbronx has a really cool voice.

That's about it, head on over to lostnbronx's webpage for Blue Heaven at for audio downloads or the text version (Note: the website errors out in Opera, but it works great in Firefox). Extra geek brownie points of you do it via Gopher: link.

If you're a lazyass with HTML5 powers, just admit that _there is no thought, only action_, then click the play button below.