Squashfs Tools 4.0 Windows Binaries

DomoticX has built a set of varying versions of squashfs versions, including 4.3 + lzma. You can find them on the DomoticX website, lower down on the that page.

My original post:

In case you didn't know already (unless you're a multiplatform code warrior, you probably didn't), the Squashfs tools have some problems while being compiled under Cygwin. In fact, they don't compile at all, mainly because a few lacking headers and multiprocessor detection. Nevertheless, actually convincing them to build isn't difficult at all.

To save you the extra work of doing so, I've created a patch, which can be applied against the aforementioned 4.0 version of the squashfs-tools, and I've made it available here: http://www.mediafire.com/?1txydxozzdo

If you're too lazy to patch and build your own, I've also uploaded the binaries. These don't actually need Cygwin to be installed, as long as the 2 .dll files remain in the same folder (or in the PATH) as the executables. Get those from here (tar.gz archive):



Edit: Upon user request, I have also compiled and uploaded squashfs 3.0, 3.1 and 3.4, and their corresponding patches:

File Download Link
SquashFS 3.0 Cygwin binaries (tar.gz) patch
SquashFS 3.1 Cygwin binaries (tar.gz) patch
SquashFS 3.4 Cygwin binaries (tar.gz) patch
SquashFS 4.0 Cygwin binaries (tar.gz) patch