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  1. self-updating static html site

    I like static html, it's secure, uses few resources and, theoretically, loads quickly. It only sucks when you want to update the content.

    Static site generators help with the updating part, but you're not going to have a full python stack, pelican and your sources everywhere you go. But if …

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  2. South-East Romania AM Scan (WIP)

    2019-02-10 | Last modified: 2021-01-06 22:00:00+02:00 | tags: radio am
    Name Frequency Transmitter
    Radio Antena Satelor 153 KHz Bod, Brașov, România
    Radio Antena Satelor 531 KHz SNR Urziceni, România
    Kossuth Rádió 540 KHz Solt, Bács-Kiskun, Hungary
    Radio Ukrainske 1 549 KHz Mykolaiv Luch, Ukrayina
    Radio România Actualități 558 KHz Târgu Jiu, România
    Radio România Actualități 567 KHz Brașov, România
    BNR …
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  3. 2018-06-07 New FM Frequencies allocation

    Name Frequency Location
    Radio Jurnal Spiritual 87.8 MHz România/Bacău/Onești
    Radio Maria 87.8 MHz România/Neamț/Roman
    Buzz FM 87.9 MHz România/Buzău/Buzău
    Radio Transilvania 88.0 MHz România/Bihor/Beiuș
    Stil FM 88.2 MHz România/Călărași/Oltenița
    Bucovina FM 88.8 MHz România …
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  4. Oltenița FM Radio Scan

    2018-05-28 | Last modified: 2018-07-30 22:00:00+03:00 | tags: radio fm
    Name Frequency Transmitter RDS
    PI PTY
    BNR Shumen 87.6 MHz Venets Bulgaria 8236 3
    Buzz FM 87.9 MHz Istrița România    
    Radio Impuls 88.0 MHz București România E0D6 23
    Stil FM 88.2 MHz Oltenița România E437  
    BNR Stara Zagora 88.3 MHz Stara Zagora Bulgaria    
    BNR Horizont …
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  5. Bucharest FM Radio Scan

    2018-05-25 | Last modified: 2021-01-01 22:00:00+02:00 | tags: radio fm
    Name Frequency Transmitter RDS
    PI PTY
    Radio Shumen 87.6 MHz Veneț Bulgaria 8236 3
    Radio Impuls 88.0 MHz Euro Tower E0D6 23
    Radio Trinitas 88.5 MHz Casa Poporului E24D  
    Radio ZU 89.0 MHz Unirii View Tower E2AA  
    Dance FM 89.5 MHz Turn Radiocom Berceni E019 …
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  6. Squashfs Tools 4.0 Windows Binaries

    DomoticX has built a set of varying versions of squashfs versions, including 4.3 + lzma. You can find them on the DomoticX website, lower down on the that page.

    My original post:

    In case you didn't know already (unless you're a multiplatform code warrior, you probably didn't), the Squashfs tools …

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  7. Got id3 tags in your flac?

    2012-05-28 | tags: tech

    Id3 tags are busting your flac party (especially with acxi/oggenc choking with ERROR: Input file [...] is not a supported format)? Just grab yourself a copy of id3v2 and run it like

    id3v2 -D ./*.flac

    If you're rocking the party with Arch Linux, you can find both id3v2 and acxi …

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