QtScrobble RPMs for Fedora 13

Since I have Rockbox on a couple of my PMPs, I like to use the log scrobbler function and when I'm near my computer I can just submit my listened tracks history to Libre.fm. To do that, I use a little program called QtScrobble.

Unfortunately, there aren't any QtScrobble packages in the Fedora repositories, so I decided to build one myself.

A little word of caution here: this is the first RPM package I have ever built, so I can't know if it has any destructive capacities. All I can vouch for is that it works on my 32-bit Fedora 13 system.

Also, I haven't really figured out if the dependencies are correctly detected and installed. If not, you will require Qt4, libcurl and libmtp to be able to run QtScrobbler.

Anyhow, to cut the story short, you can grab the RPM from here:


In case anyone else needs it, I have also uploaded the Source RPM (SRPM) package, get it here:


Any feed-back will be greatly appreciated. Enjoy!

Note: I've also tested the package on OpenSUSE 11.3 and it works. YMMV :)