Plucker to the masses

Here's a little shell script I made to convert the html files in a directory to plucker format e-books:

for file in $1*.html; do
  plucker-build -f $2`basename $(echo $file|sed -e "s/ /\\\ /g") .html` file:$file

You call it like ./ /source/dir/ /dest/dir/ - take care when writing the dir paths not to omit the trailing slashes as I did not compensate for them, the scripts expects them to be there.

As you can see, it's a very hackish approach made just to speed up a particular job, so it expects that the source dir only has html files (anything in that folder is sent to plucker-build) and it may have some problems. It should be safe when it encounters paths with spaces though...

I hope it'll be useful to someone else!